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We sell various products from our online store as part of our overall objectives to support graduate participation in the development of low-income communities in their chosen industry sector. This is a portal for products sourced from international and domestic markets under favourable terms of trade, and for products produced by these communities to be sold locally, nationally, and internationally.

The sales also helps the Funding Ghana Graduates program to expand and enhance the reach to all deserving communities. This portal serves a rapidly growing collaborative network aiming to bring change to all communities across Ghana.

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Tomatoes and greed – the exodus of Ghana's farmers | DW Documentary

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We aim to to inspire and support university graduates in all fields to take up entrepreneurial activities in low-income communities across Ghana to create better economic, social, and environmental conditions for the people. We are aiming to support small to large scale agribusiness, manufacturing, construction and service sector projects with finance, technology, and a substantial support and collaborative network infrastructure. Electronic commerce is the backbone of this objective and we aim to extend its capabilities deep into the each community in Ghana. Each of these communities may be affiliated with other communities to exchange information, jointly develop marketing and branding opportunities, and to share processing facilities. We are aligning with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and our target communities lay within the census enumeration zones in Ghana.

We are using sophisticated techniques to collect and process large amounts of data from each zone which can be efficiently combined with other data collected by the Ghana Statistical Service during each census and the on-going statistical reports under the Ghana Living Standards Survey Reports.

Entrepreneurship and innovation is the global solution to unemployment challenges in the the world today, but every person in every community has a role to play in the development of greater social wellbeing for all.